• Record food, drink, medication, stress, and exercise
  • Record any symptom you experience (including the intensity)
  • View and modify your entries
  • Create and modify your own meals, ingredients, and symptoms
  • Export your food diary for printing or sharing
  • Organizer helps you add and manage your own foods, drinks, medications, exercises, and other activities
  • Analyze your food diary to find correlations between your diet and symptoms
  • Results include detail for each item along with histogram and trend charts

Additionally, the iOS App supports multiple users and provides login security.


“I love everything about this app. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what causes particular symptoms and when and this is really helping. It’s also handy because I now have all of the information available in one place and will be able to show this to my doctor.” ★★★★★

- Google Play review by Jennifer Lynch (v4.3 on Android) – Dec 2014

“This app is amazing and very well thought out. I’m excited to further log my food and symptoms to understand what is affecting my overall health….” ★★★★★

- iTunes review by ZieglerAS (v4.1.3 on iOS) – Nov 2014

“I bought this app because I needed to keep a food diary to track down possible allergies. I can’t say enough good things about it. The app is intuitive and hits the perfect balance between customizability and simplicity. I love the analytics feature especially; it helps immensely in isolating any triggers. I don’t usually like paying for apps, but this is a steal for the price.” ★★★★★

- iTunes review by purplesunglasses (v4.1.3 on iOS) – Oct 2014

“#1 in my ratings I’ve tried quite a few symptom tracking apps (free & paid). This one tackles some of the most complicated tracking tasks in a way that’s effective, and easy to use. It’s very customizable, simple to edit, quick to access (with a shortcut on the home screen), and the devs are very responsive to questions/requests. Well designed and executed.” ★★★★★

- Google Play review by Susan G (v4.0.81 on Android) – Nov 2013

“For years I have been keeping food diaries and trying to relate results with symptoms. This app makes the whole process a dream instead of a nightmare. Well worth the small price of the app. Thank you, thank you.” ★★★★★

- iTunes review by Sunny’s mom30 (v4.1 on iOS) – Oct 2013

“This little app takes out the guesswork and difficulty of food logging by doing the research for you. All you need to do is make sure you record as much info as possible. The more you log stuff in, the more accurate it becomes. I love the ability to add your own personal symptoms, new items and menus. I’ve even included dreaded additives and colouring agents to my list.” ★★★★★

- iTunes review by Gothgirl_13 (v2.1 on iOS) – Jul 2011


mySymptoms Food & Symptom Diary was developed to help sufferers of food intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other chronic digestive conditions communicate more effectively with their doctor or dietitian, and to show any statistical correlations between foods and symptoms.

The app came about as a result of my own personal suffering of food intolerances over many years, and the challenge of recording a daily food diary.

Although I suspected certain foods and drinks, I was never quite sure as the symptoms would vary over time. And like many sufferers, I failed to complete a record what I ate and drank in a food diary as I was always on the move with work and it was far too inconvenient… so I never got the bottom of what was making me ill.

And then smartphones arrived! Now I had a device that was with me at all times of the day, providing the perfect tool to record what I was eating and drinking, along with any symptoms I suffered. Then by using statistical methods I could identify any correlations between what I ate and drank and the symptoms I suffered.

That’s how the mySymptoms app came into being.

If you download the app, I sincerely hope you find it useful, ultimately leading you to improved health and a better quality of life.

SkyGazer Labs

Tips and Tricks

Diary entries

The more diary entries you provide, the better the chance the analysis tool has of revealing suspect foods. Therefore you should aim to record what you eat and drink as often as possible.

Additionally, recording the ingredients is key – as it’s typically individual ingredients that cause symptoms. Therefore you should aim to record as many ingredients of a meal as possible.

Symptom recording

For best results, don’t record the same symptom too often – try to record it only once per day. Record only the first onset of a symptom rather than repeatedly doing so throughout day as its intensity changes.

Positive reactions

This may at first sound strange, but you can also record when you feel good using a reaction event. For example, create a symptom called ‘feel good’ and then record a value from 0-10 as usual. This means that you can analyse your food diary for positive reactions too!


When you create a new event and tap on the search bar, a list of favourites is displayed for that particular event type (i.e. breakfast, lunch, …). This list shows the items/meals most often recorded in your food diary for the specific event type, giving you a shortcut to entering common items/meals simply by looking through the list and selected the required item/meal, without entering anything in the search bar.

Ingredients, Meals & Drinks

Ingredients are recorded as items in mySymptoms. If an ingredient you require doesn’t already exist in the app, then simply add it (please see the user manual).

mySymptoms lets you create a meal (that can be used repeatedly) simply by adding items (ingredients) to that meal.

mySymptoms now provides a category for drinks – so simply create drinks using the Organizer.

Search Filters (iOS only)

When searching for a specific item or meal using the search bar, the results shown below can be filtered using the filter bar shown at the top of the table. Select ‘All’ / ‘Meals’ / ‘Items’ as required.

Different food types (iOS only)

To store different types of the same food simply create variants by editing the item in the Organizer and then ‘Create Variant’– e.g. Bread (white), Bread (wholegrain), etc.

Useful Links

Here’s a list of useful links to information about food intolerance, IBS, allergies, and headaches.


And here’s a great article on the importance of using a food diary to record what you eat and any symptoms you suffer: Identifying your Food Intolerances


Support information can be found here: Support

Reporting New Issues

To report an issue with the app, please provide details in an email to: issues@skygazerlabs.com

We aim to deal with your issue(s) as soon as possible, and thank you for your patience.

Feedback & Suggestions

To help us improve the app for future releases, we welcome any feedback and/or suggestions by email to: enhancements@skygazerlabs.com