mySymptoms Sync (Android beta)

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Today we can announce that sync on Android is now available for early user access (beta) from the Google Play Store. To enroll on the beta version of mySymptoms, please follow the link that applies to your version of the app: For mySymptoms (paid app): For mySymptoms Lite (including premium upgrade): This beta gives you the opportunity to…

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How do I turn off analytics tracking?

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Analytics are extremely useful for us to understand how you use the App by tracking which screens you use most frequently, how you navigate between screens, and how long you spend on each screen. This all helps us to make improvements to the App. All analytics tracking is anonymous – we don’t know your name, address, location, device identification, or any…

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How to manage your IBS

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See your Doctor Many people are now aware of what IBS is and it is tempting to self-diagnose. However, it is important see your Doctor to make sure that Coeliac Disease (an autoimmune condition with the same symptoms) and other conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are ruled out first. This is done by having a blood test. Before being…

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Tips for a safe & healthy Christmas

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Simple entertaining tips for a safe, healthy and Happy Christmas! Christmas is about getting family and friends together and enjoying ourselves. All so often this will involve eating, drinking and being merry! But what happens if either you or one of your guests is a food intolerance sufferer, follow a restricted diet, or have a health condition where certain foods can ‘trigger...
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Q. How many diary entries do I need for the analysis?

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The more complete your diary is, the more likely patterns will emerge from running the analysis. Therefore you should aim to record what you eat and drink, along with your symptoms, as often as possible. Additionally, recording ingredients is key – as it’s typically individual ingredients that cause symptoms. Therefore you should aim to record as many ingredients of a meal…

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